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Clinic Safeguarding Measures

Attend alone

Where possible patients will need to come to the clinic on their own. With exceptions for carers, parents and chaperones.

Staggered appointments

Appointment times will be staggered to avoid patient crossover with only one patient per practitioner onsite at any one time.

Temperature check

Everyone entering the clinic will have their temperature checked using a no-touch thermometer.

Social distancing

The 2 metre social distancing will be observed throughout the clinic, with the exception of our clinic rooms.

Hand sanitiser and face masks

Everyone entering the clinic will have their hands sprayed with clinisept anti viral spray and be required to wear a face mask

Client screening

We have introduced a client screening call to ensure it is safe for you to attend your appointment.

Staff PPE

Staff will wear face masks at all times, and further PPE – gloves and eye protection during treatments.

Extensive cleaning protocols

Additional cleaning measures are in place to ensure door handles and surfaces and touchpoints are sanitised.

Clinic deep clean

Prior to opening the clinic has gone through a rigorous deep clean to ensure we return to a clean environment.

Staff training

Our staff are trained in the proper use of PPE and our new COVID response protocols.

Opening hours

These may be subject to change in line with operational requirements.

If you have any queries about our safeguarding measures, please get in touch with reception on +44 (0)20 7499 3223 or email