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Lichen Sclerosis


Lichen sclerosis (LS) is a long -term skin condition that can affect both men and women. It typically affects the skin of the genitals, causing itching, burning, pain, white spots and scarring in the area. The symptoms can damage confidence, and affect the quality of life of those suffering.

Although it’s not actually clear what causes lichen sclerosis, the medical professional understand that it is likely to be related to over activity within the immune system. While it is not an infection, and therefore not contagious, it does cause those who suffer with LS much discomfort, and for some, embarrassment. Lichen Sclerosis is usually a long term condition, and current treatments are usually steroid creams which generally just control symptoms, rather than treat the cause.

However, we are now able to offer those who suffer with Lichen Sclerosis a long term solution that is administered in just one treatment.

The O-Shot for women and the P-Shot for men offer significant improvement in the symptoms of LS, and use the body’s own platelet rich plasma (PRP) to help to heal the area, reducing the need for treatments such as topical steroid creams and helping in cases that are resistant to steroids.

The O-Shot For Treatment of Lichen Sclerosis in Women
The O Shot is the revolutionary method of injecting the vagina with your body’s own Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), which helps to improve the health and vitality. PRP injections are commonly used as rejuvenating treatments for a range of medical issues. It’s a quick and simple procedure which offers life changing results. In studies, PRP treatment for lichen sclerosis has shown great improvements for women suffering with LS, with symptoms disappearing in many patients, and hugely reduced symptoms in others.

The P- Shot for Treatment of Lichen Sclerosis in Men
The P Shot is a pioneering treatment which is helping men to gain sexual confidence. By injecting the penis with the body’s own Platelet Rich Plasma the area is rejuvenated, increasing stamina, size and performance. In studies, PRP treatment for penile lichen sclerosis for men has showed excellent results, with a recent study showing significant improvements after treatment. PRP treatment in penile LS regenerates scarring and reduces symptoms, which hugely improves confidence and quality of life